Generate a WPS number

With this generator it is possible to generate a random WPS number. An user can select the type of the random WPS number which currently can be either 8 or 10 digits. Based on the type selection after clicking on the generate button, the WPS number is generated. The generated WPS number can be copied to the clipboard with the corresponding copy button.

Your last generated data 1
  • 99766559
Bulk WPS number generator
  • 80726448
  • 11039617
  • 03152166
  • 31351937
  • 81779615
  • 05267747

What is a WPS number?

The Wi-Fi Protected Setup (WPS) is a security protocol for creating secure wireless home networks. It is designed to allow users who are not technically savvy to access a wireless network in a secure and easy manner .Additionally, new devices can be added easily by entering the WPS PIN code. This code can be found on the wireless router itself. WPS has a security hole that was uncovered in December 2011, so it should not be used anymore.