Generate a password

With this password generator one can generate secure and less secure passwords. The user can see the strength of the password on the strength bar. An user can choose the lenght of the password. He can select if he wants a lowercase or uppercase password or both. Additionally he can add numbers and special characters to give the passworde even more strength. Once clicked on the generate button, the password will be generated. The password can be copied to the clipboard with the corresponding copy button.

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Bulk password generator
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  • M,#.HA&V
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What is a password?

A password is a string of character or a word and it is used for user authentication. With a password an user can login to an application and can prove it's identity or simply access a resource that would be hidden without a valid password. A password needs to be kept secret and should be entered online only be enterend on encrypted connections. The longer a password is and the more special characters it has, the more secure it is.

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